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In this exclusive event, F1 champion Jenson - Button shows his falconry techniques, wonderful presents two high-end spear from Abu Dhabi Falcon Club of falconry. Ultra-white spear Falcon Falcon is considered the best. Nearly a meter wingspan, body white, falconry Abu Dhabi Falcon Club spear seductive beauty. Tag Heuer CEO Mr. Stephane Linder welcome Jenson - Button to participate in this activity, and presented his latest TAG HEUER F1 Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph as a gift. The inspiration comes from the real racing products for all black titanium, with some striking red parts, was the evening show by the Falcons. An avant-garde party iconic Viceroy Hotel Hotel, guests gathered, many of whom are dedicated to fly from all over the world come to attend this high profile events such activity even more fascinating.

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Beijing on December 2 news, ling day before Japan Tokyo Racecourse staged Longines Japan Cup as guests of honor. Just celebrated the 40th birthday of her low-cut dress to wear perspective, is still the tracks you lived. Ling rare mention of retirement, she said he might retire after five years, looking for another wonderful life space. Ling also indicated previously mind age.

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Rolex Cosmograph Daytona earlier models have a special dial nowadays is called Exotic dial colors: the white background and black dial, three-pin small bezel (registers), or black dial with white small three-pin bezel, while the small three-pin bezel scale is marked within a square mark. Unlike other characteristics of the modern successor Oyster PerpetualCosmograph Daytona watches include: Movement for hand mixing (1988 Ref 16520, is used in the Zenith El Primero automatic winding movement.), The case is atypical Oyster stainless steel (stainless steel non-Oyster cases), a non-rotating timing button lock (non-screw-down pushers, late 6263 and 6265 already adopted screwdown pushers), the crown nor the subsequent watches Triplock crown. Daytona has these features that are particularly later nicknamed Paul Newman watches, worth and value of the collection are far different from the follow-up to watch other styles (and therefore, it was insisted that only Ref. 6239 and Ref. 6241 is the legitimate Daytona Paul Newman!).

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    Recently the brand has just been "Unique Cartier" exhibition, a new series of fine jewelry and antiques from around collecting series show the same field, the interpretation of how the brand heritage of traditional craftsmanship and outstanding creative achievements in the new immortal classic.

    Each year this autumn season, but also exhibit a new round of high jewellery Cartier, when a piece of beauty, who works earlier than one hundred years ago, they successfully captured the hearts and minds of royalty, and today the brand new work is still attractive, is the crystallization of modern aesthetics with traditional crafts. Can be classified as high jewellery fine jewelry line, the selection of the world must be rare and precious stones, combined with imaginative creations, exquisite blend of meticulous craftsmanship make jewelry world arrogance prevail.